The HighStory

Let's start this story off with that of a soul that fell from the stars, landed here in '87 thru a wormhole from another world, into an umbilical cord, and out of my mother's womb. Hazy beginning in the early stages, 3 years 4 states. Fast forward to age 7 where I was first heavily introduced to music. The '94-'97 Golden Era of hip-hop, dubbing mixtapes off the radio waves between commercial breaks of Tupac,Wu-Tang, Bone Thugs N Harmony, Biggie, and Snoop, just to name a few. Skip ahead a few years later, say '99, delved into the likes of Eminem, Outkast, and Ludacris and Timbaland.

Highschool, was embedded and in tune into the sounds of a different kind. Slipknot, System of a Down, Mudvayne, and Tool. Mixed roles in several bands, but at 17 quit music and got in with bad friends, aka alcohol, cocaine, and pharmaceuticals, aiming for the classic escapism.

After a psychedelic journey at the age of 18 altered the level of consciousness and changed life forever, as a means to step away from the destructive lifestyle, started producing, which led to rapping, and by 20 was clean of all unnatural substances, scoring compositions and fusing them with words.
Around the same time got into Immortal Technique, Dead Prez, and Tech9. It was this stage in life where the 8 year journey of the hip hop duo Bud-Ez began. Over the years Bud-Ez released several musical compositions, performed alongside amazing artists, and toured the East Coast.

Time has brought awareness through self reflection, personal development, and the forging of a new enterprise. This vibrant and eclectic solo project is laced with thought provoking ideas and is a vast gazing into this soul, the future brings forth a steady flow of creative releases.

                                               "This is up to me, what is up to you? Find out soon enough, I know you will, you know you will..."
Stay tuned and stay in touch.

Peace & Love